A bespoke WordPress theme for the National Youth Orchestra of Iraq, in English, Arabic and Kurdish.

Translation was provided by members of the orchestra and the WordPress Multilingual (WPML) team provided the software to allow a basic three-language development.

A somewhat daunting project originally, but good to support some of the young people of Iraq after everything they’ve been through in recent times. Sadly once the UK tour was completed a lack of funding led to the website not being maintained.

The entire project was completed remotely via email and phone, without a single face to face meeting.

Jaijiel Creative was brought into the challenging visit of the National Youth Orchestra of Iraq to the UK in 2012. Balancing complex stakeholder needs in an attractive design as cheaply as possible was just one job he carried out brilliantly. We collaborated on the setting up of parallel blogs in English, Kurdish and Arabic until the solution came through, again on time and on budget. Our finished site was approachable and enjoyable, rather like working with Jem himself. I love jamming with folk who communicate well and turn whatever you throw at them into clear, user-friendly success. Cheers Jem!

Paul MacAlindinMusical DirectorNational Youth Orchestra of Iraq